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Hammer Concept Half Staff Defense

Self-Defense with Half Staff, Sticks and Common Objects

The Hammer Concept Half Staff method turns your umbrella, walking stick or similar object into an effective weapon for self-defense.

Half Staff

The term "Half Staff" stands for a stick of approx. 1 meter in length. In other martial arts and fighting systems it is also known as Hanbo or Jo. In the Hammer Concept Protection the half staff represents a stick or object from 60 cm to 160 cm in length, e.g. umbrella, walking stick, spade, mop etc.

A lot of common objects of this length can be unconspicuously carried or can be found in the immediate vicinity.

Half Staff Walking Stick Umbrella

Power Amplifier

Self-Defense Umbrella Walking StickThe half staff or suitable common objects serve as power amplifiers and could equalize a possible physical disadvantage.

A determined Hammer Concept practitioner can turn an umbrella or walking stick into a very dangerous self-defense weapon.

The Half Staff Method at a Glance

The Hammer Concept Half Staff method is taught in two stages:

Level 1

The first level teaches the core of the half staff method:

  • Universal Counter Method against the most common attacks and threats
  • Direct Counter Attacks with the half staff in close range
  • Fundamental Principles of effective self-protection and self-defense

Level 2

The second level extends the core skills and transfers them to various threat and attack scenarios:

  • Further possible applicatons with the half staff
  • Counter Grappling: measures and strategies against grappling attacks and against groundfighting

Experience the Hammer Concept Half Staff Method

You can learn the Hammer Concept Palm Stick method in one of the basic courses or in personal training.

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