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Hammer Concept Palm Stick Defense

Self-Defense with Kubotan, Tactical Pen, Common Objects and Unarmed

The Hammer Concept Palm Stick Method offers effective self-protection in self-defense situations through the use of common everyday objects as power amplifiers and is also directly applicable without weapons (unarmed).

Palm Stick

The term "palm stick" stands for a stick that has the approximate length of the palm of the hand and is also known in various martial arts and fighting systems as kubotan, pocket stick, nerve stick, yawara, dulo-dulo and so on.

Common Objects

In the Hammer Concept Protection the palm stick represents a handy common everyday object, e.g. ballpoint pen, flashlight, bottle opener, multi tool, salt shaker etc.

A lot of handy common objects can serve as everyday carry tools or can be found in the immediate vicinity.

Palmstick Kubotan Self-Defense Common Objects

Power Amplifier

Palmstick Kubotan Self-DefenseThe palm stick or suitable common objects serve as power amplifiers and could equalize a possible physical disadvantage.

A determined Hammer Concept practitioner can turn a simple ballpoint pen into a very dangerous weapon.


The palm stick method can also be applied without a weapon or object. If it is not necessary to use a power amplifier or nothing is at hand the method can directly be used with the hammerfist or open hand.

The Hammer Concept Palm Stick method is very versatile and can be applied with and without weapons or objects!

The Palm Stick Method at a Glance

The Hammer Concept Palm Stick method is taught in two stages:

Level 1

The first level contains the core of the palm stick method with a palm stick and unarmed:

  • Direct Counter Attacks in close range
  • Universal Entry Method against the most common attacks and threats
  • Fundamental Principles of effective self-protection and self-defense

Level 2

The second level extends the core skills and transfers them to various threat and attack scenarios:

  • Extension of direct counter attacks and further possible applications
  • Counter Grappling: measures and strategies against grappling attacks and against groundfighting

Hammer Concept Palmstick Seminar

Experience the Hammer Concept Palm Stick Method

You can learn the Hammer Concept Palm Stick method in one of the basic courses or in personal training.

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Hammer Concept Kubotan Video Online Course

The Hammer Concept Palm Stick video by Kai Kuehn gives you an introduction to the palm stick method..

You will learn the idea, the strategy and techniques as well as the possible applications of the Hammer Concept Palm Stick method. Watch the video to get to know the palm stick method or to prepare for a seminar or personal training.

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