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Self-Defense Palmstick Kubotan Half Staff Common Objects improvised weapons



for extreme self-defense situations

Self-Defense with Common Objects

The Hammer Concept Protection is primarily self-defense with common objects and improvised weapons.
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Self-Defense with Palm Stick / Kubotan

The Hammer Concept Palm Stick method offers self-defense with power amplifiers like palm sticks, kubotans, tactical pens or handy common objects of 4 inches to 12 inches in length for effective counter strikes in extreme self-defense situations.
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Self-Defense with Umbrella / Walking Stick

The Hammer Concept Half Staff method offers self-defense with an umbrella, walking stick or common objects of 24 inches to 60 inches in length.
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Unarmed Self-Defense

The Hammer Concept Protection is also unarmed self-defense. The principles and techniques of the palm stick method can also be executed without a weapon or object, i.e. it is not mandatory to carry a weapon or object with you. It also works unarmed!
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Training Groups

There are Hammer Concept training groups in Lake Constance & Ravensburg, Reutlingen and Sigmaringen. Train self-defense with palm stick, half staff and unarmed in regular group training.
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Public Seminars & In-house Training

Regular public Hammer Concept Protection seminars in Lake Constance & Ravensburg, Reutlingen, Sigmaringen, Berlin, Düsseldorf and other cities. In-house training for sports clubs, martial arts schools, companies and institutions internationally bookable.
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Personal Training with Kai Kühn

The most effective form of training - individual and flexible private sessions for individual persons and small groups.
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New Online Courses

The new online courses for the HCP Palm Stick and the HCP Half Staff will be online soon.
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