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Hammer Concept Protection

simple and quick-to-learn self-defense

The Hammer Concept Protection (HCP) offers effective and compact self-defense methods for everybody.

The Hammer Concept Protection is...


The HCP focuses on the essential and is based on the consequent application of a few techniques and natural footwork and body mechanics. That is why the HCP is a quick-to-learn self-defense method.


Less is more! Each one of the counter attack concepts of the HCP offers one solution for many problems, i.e. one concept protects against a multitude of threats and attacks. That makes the HCP a stress resistant self-defense method.


The HCP methods are transferable to various common erveryday objects and to defense weapons and are also applicable with empty hands (unarmed) if necessary.

Compact Format

The HCP teaches the essential self-defense skills in a compact format and is especially designed for people who do not have the time and leisure to learn a complex fighting system or a whole martial art.

The two modules of the Hammer Concept Protection:

Palm Stick Defense

Simple self-defense with the palm stick / kubotan and handy common objects, e.g. ball point pen, flashlight or salt shaker.

This method can also be used unarmed!

Half Staff Defense

Simple self-defense with the half staff and longer common objects, e.g. walking stick, umbrella or picket.

Target Audience

The HCP is suitable for everybody.


i.e. people without previous knowledge of self-defense or martial arts.
The movements are based on natural movements and do not require any athletic skills.

Through the use of a power amplifier (palm stick, object) possible lacking athletic skills can be compensated.

Martial Artists and Fighting Athletes

The HCP can be learned and trained as a self-contained method or as an "add-on" to an existing style/system.

Practitioners of unarmed, sport-oriented or non-self-protection oriented styles/systems can complement their skills with a weapon fighting component or a compact self-defense method through training in the HCP.

Law Enforcement and Security Personnel

Persons who have to deal with violent people on a professional basis need effective methods for their personal self-protection and the protection of third parties. The HCP offers a high degree of security at a minimal training effort and is through its compact format especially suited for this occupational group.


The HCP methods use fundamental principles and selected techniques of Latosa Escrima - a filipino fighting system for self-defense with and without weapons.