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 Hammer Concept Protection Selbstverteidigung

simple and easy-to-learn

with the Hammer Concept Protection...

Self-Defense with Palm Stick / Kubotan

The Hammer Concept Palm Stick method offers self-defense with "power amplifiers" like palm sticks, kubotans or handy common objects of 4 inch to 12 inch in length.
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Self-Defense with Umbrella / Walking Stick

The Hammer Concept Half Staff method offers self-defense with an umbrella, walking stick or common objects of 24 inch to 60 inch in length.
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Self-Defense with Common Objects

The Hammer Concept Protection methods can be executed with common objects of various length. The palm stick represents objects ranging from 4 inch to 12 inch in length and the half staff stands for objects of 24 inch to 60 inch length.
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Unarmed Self-Defense

The principles and techniques of the Palm Stick method can also be executed without a weapon or object, i.e. it is not mandatory to carry a weapon or object with you. It also works unarmed!
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Courses and Training

Regular seminars, workshops and trainings various parts of Germany. International inquiries are welcome.
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